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Weihai Changfeng Group of Shandong Province
No.2672 Cishan Steel Slag and Cement Factory of PLA
Chongqing Hongda Engineering Company of Sichuan Province
Shouguang Huiyuan Group of Shandong Province
Zhenjiang Coking and Gas Group
Tianjin Daqiuzhuang Jinya Piping Factory
Yantai Bearing Bush Factory of Shandong Province
Urumqi Kaziwan Decoration Material Factory
Tianjin Daqiuzhuang Jinhai Structural Steel Factory
Anyang Lead Wire Factory of Henan Province
Tangshan Jinggang Steel & Iron Group
Dachuan Huanfa Industrial Corporation of Sichuan Province
State-Owed Lutai Farm of Hebei Province
Xingtai Qiaoxi Band Steel Factory
Handan Shovel Factory
Chengdu Huanxin Science and Engineering Company of Sichuan Province
Wuan Iron Mine of Cishan Industrial Company
Dazhou Huanqi Co., Ltd of Sichuan Province
Mudanjiang Sodium Silicate Factory of Heilongjiang Province
Kunming Tianxin Machinery Factory of Yunnan Province
Yangcheng Houzeyao Ceramic Tile Factory of Shanxi Province
Jizhou Chunfeng Machine Tool Factory
Harbin Wanbao Steel Rolling Factory
Xuzhou Jiawang Decoration Material Factory of Jiangsu Province
Mengcun Hui Nationality Autonomous Region of Hebei Province
Tangshang Jidong Chemical Factory
Suxian Mining Area Physical Supply Company of Anhui Province
Xiangtan Compressor Factory of Hunan Province
Thousand-Ton Refrigeration Storage Preparatory Office of Fengnan County, Hebei Province
Zhongshui Rongcheng Fishery Steel Wire Factory of Shandong Province
Fuqi General Corporation of Tangshan Steel & Iron Group
¡¡¡¡Only technical renovation can make the enterprise keep endless vitality, create more demand in market, and overcome hidden crisis ahead. Technical renovation is not working behind closed doors but keep pace with the times. To sense the latest development trend and demand status, make use of the latest research achievements and technical methods can make use of the existing resources and explore more value space to the upmost extend.

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Add£º At the Point of 324km on No. 106 National Road, Jizhou City, Hebei Province (4km to the north of Jizhou Toll Station) ¡¡¡¡¡¡
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